3 Ideas For High School Fundraisers: Let’s Make Big Profits

Are you ready to make big money for your school? If you are, then let’s get things started. I will be showing you three really good ideas for high school fundraisers in this article that will work perfectly for you in terms of profit generation. Even though these fundraising ideas are really good, they are not really hard to do so you don’t have to worry about having the same knowledge as a business major in for you and your team of volunteers to be able to pull these through. To give you an idea, the fundraising ideas that I’ll be presenting to you in here are for product fundraisers.

First on my list of ideas for high school fundraisers is selling candy bars. Candy bar fundraising basically works as a direct sale fundraiser that involves offering candy bars that are specially packaged. Each candy will typically be priced at $1 to $2. Candy bar fundraising campaigns are really famous for high school groups because they are easy to execute yet the profits that they can offer in the end are exceptional. Some of the best candy bar brands that you can sell out to your prospective customers include Nestle, World’s Finest Chocolate, and Mars. These will be packed inside sturdy carrying cases that hold several dozen bars.

Next in line are catalog sales. This is also a popular choice because especially during the fall season because the large selection of items that this type of fundraising campaign can offer. Gift wraps and candies may be top choices in the fundraising industry but catalogs are now starting to offer items that mothers would like to have inside their kitchens and baths, which is why this type of fundraiser idea is starting to catch up really fast. If you want to do catalog sales, you need to choose a reputable supplier that offers high quality goods with reasonable or affordable prices. In addition, your supplier should also do presorts of orders so that you can deliveries can be done easily.

Cookie dough fundraisers are another all-time favorite for schools. You and your group of volunteers will be selling tubs or containers of frozen cookie dough in this fundraiser idea. Cookie dough fundraisers are considered really good by most schools because of the high profit margins that their products can offer. Each cookie dough tub usually has a profit margin of 33 percent to 55 percent. Aside from large profit margins, cookie dough is also a really easy product to sell out given the fact that almost every single person on the face of the planet loves eating cookies. What’s even better is that the type of cookie dough that you’ll be offering in here can be frozen or stored inside the fridge so that they can be prepared later on. To prep up tasty cookies from frozen cookie dough, all you need to do is get a slice and place it inside the microwave oven for a few minutes and, you already have great-tasting cookies.