Advantageous Business Marketing and Product Branding With Genuine Retro Neon Advertising Wall Clocks

Very few businesses offer products or services that are so unique that they can be considered one of a kind or exist without a great deal of brand competition. It is therefore very important for a business owner when advertising to project their company and brand in a manner that sets them apart from all the rest. In this digital age many businesses try to build website only to find that developing an organically searchable website is not as easy as it may seem and often requires costly professional help. The other drawback is that managing the site is a full time job and all too often because search engines constantly change required text relevance, meta title and keyword criteria to name a few many sites never achieve a searchable page ranking.

To help brand their product or service many businesses have turned to retro styled advertising. Forms of retro marketing and branding include newspaper ads, media mail, billboards and for deeper advertising budgets TV and radio. One could also include in this list brochures and business cards. The problem with these formats is that they are not particularly attention getting and all too often are discarded, ignored or lost. The challenge is to use a marketing and branding venue or tool that is unique to your business and sets you apart. For example many years ago I did business with a company that used commissioned sales personnel. In the beginning I worked with a couple of very reliable salesmen and each would hand out their standard paper business cards. However there was one salesmen who handed out custom made brushed aluminum business cards, this set him apart from the rest from that point on I always remembered to call him.

One vintage marketing tool that is overlooked is the neon wall clock. Genuine neon has an advantage over other forms of wall or window advertising because it draws immediate attention. Neon also is seen as a reminder of simpler times for the boomer generation and as cool to younger people enabling a business to introduce their brand and market to multiple age groups. High quality genuine neon advertising clocks cost a bit more but reflect more positively on any type of business and brand than cheap looking plastic cased Florescent bulb clocks. Another great aspect of neon marketing clocks is that they can become desirable as a decorative art form. By offering a custom logo-ed neon clock as gifts for preferred or for sale to customers a business can affordable expand their advertising and branding reach. Additionally, with their relatively low cost neon clocks are good incentives and moral builders for employees as awards for outstanding service. In conclusion, top quality neon clocks have a proven track record as a cost effective marketing and branding tool that can help a business increase sales.