Affiliate Marketing Business Model – Online Website Selling

Ready to really get serious with your affiliate marketing business model and make online website selling your major source of income?

Using your website to sell affiliate products is a smart move. A website is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. This means as you build up your website and commissions start to come in you can create a truly passive income that you’ll benefit from for years to come.

How do you use your website for affiliate marketing sales?

You’ll need to plan out your plan. Don’t throw up a website without thinking long and hard about how you are going to do this. The first place you’ll need to start is keyword research. Now before you start groaning about how you hate to do keyword research, or you don’t understand it, let me give you a quick and dirty way to find out how to know what people are searching for:

1. Go to the Wordtracker Free Keywords site (Google it).
2. Go to the AdWords Free Keyword Tool (Google that too).
3. Start searching for all the terms you can think of related to the affiliate site you are looking to build. Get a list of 500-1000 or more keywords if possible.
4. Now start building the categories of your website from the large list of keywords you’ve found. Make sure they make sense in terms of what someone would be looking for when looking to buy the affiliate products you are wanting to promote.

Once you get your website set up and ready to go you’ll want to add some elements to the site that help you make sales as an affiliate.

Articles: Informative articles will answer the questions of people who are not quite ready to buy yet but are looking for more information. You’ll want to build articles around answering the questions that people will have about the products you are promoting and then lead them towards the product website.

Reviews: It’s a good idea for you to try out any products you want to promote. That way you can write honest reviews from the point of view of the customers and this is very valuable to anyone looking to buy. You want to help people make a buying decision and give them information that tells them if the product is for them or not.

Blog Posts: If your website will also be a blog this is a great place to post articles, reviews and other informative posts that are either straight promotion or more informative that lead to the product.

Email List: It’s very important that you build your own email list so that you can begin to build the relationship with the people who are interested in the products you are promoting. This also adds value to all the promotions you are doing to drive traffic to your website. Instead of sending them off to another site straight away, you have time to get to know their needs and wants which in turn will help you market to them better.

So there you have a few key elements to using running an affiliate marketing business and using online website selling as your main source of income.