I do not participate in online service surveys because they are stupid. The worst example of a prompted speech was when we bought a car in Maryland. The salesman was horrible and extremely rude to my husband and me. Then he had the nerve to tell us to give him a ten on an online survey. Just to be nice I gave him an eight but explained in the comments his shortcomings.

The salesman then called and harassed me by phone for not giving him a ten. After that, I made a complaint and he was fired.

Today, I got the best example of customer service. I will be sending a thank you card and notifying the appropriate person of my gratitude.

We probably can’t name companies so I will just describe the scenario. A few months ago, I bought four new tires and purchased the warranty. I few weeks ago, I went to get the tires rotated included in the plan at the chain but a different location. They broke the necessary piece but sent me away without fixing it.

This morning, I got a flat tire and had to call for roadside assistance three times. I was so glad I have that membership. I had them tow me to where I bought the tires. After a long day, and trips to multiple locations, the manager was awesome. I explained the situation. He said the other location should have done the right thing. He pulled up my warranty, sent me to a repair shop for the damaged piece then fixed and replaced the tire. We made sure there were no other problems. My adventure began at 11:30am and ended at 6:30pm. The manager stayed late to see it through. All parties involved were awesome from roadside assistance to the repair shop to the tire shop. We got it all done in one day without having to rent a car or go in debt for something that was the chain’s error to begin with.

I won’t return to the location that caused the problem but I will be a return customer to this one that corrected the problem. I will be renewing my roadside assistance membership and will go to the repair shop when I need them. All three parties today gave good service without asking for anything. That’s customer service at its best. I am a happy consumer. Thanks guys.