Advertising jobs are one of the most creative jobs that need a combination of a thorough understanding of customer psychology and a clear vision. Executive search advertising firms are the ones that work for advertising agencies and get paid by them when they supply them a highly desirable candidate profile suitable for higher posting officials willing to work at that organization(s).

The positions the these companies supply for include Managing Director (MD), Vice President (VP), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) etc. Because of their expertise on the hiring field and their specialization on the smaller field ‘advertising’, these organizations are appointed by larger organizations (the original recruiters) and these organizations providing employment in executive search advertising work as a third-party external HR department for high ranking employees.

The System

The system of advertising works pretty simple. These firms take the requirements of various recruiters from those organizations (generally only candidates able to work as executive posts are required) and also the profiles from candidates. They build a large database for both these two types of data. Now all they do is to tally and find the right candidate(s) for the recruiter(s).

The recruiters are given the liberty of hiring the candidate only after they interview him or her once and only if they like the candidate and believe that s/he would be able to carry out the responsibility. The most notable factor is that the advertising (or any other) executive search firms do not take money from the hired candidates; rather only from the recruiters.

Executive search profession

The profession of an advertising firm is divided into two categories: Retained and Contingency. Retained advertising (or any other) executive search firms are the ones that demand payment for starting the ‘search processes’. The second portion of the fee is to be submitted towards the middle of the whole process and the rest when the candidate is hired.

On the other hand, Contingency advertising (or any other) executive search firms receive the total fee at one go at the end of the total process. Over the past few years the later type is emerging gradually to new heights.

Types of executive search advertising jobs

The office of such a firm is divided into further three categories: the Business Development, Recruiting and Research. The recruiting office recruits the candidates and makes final list for their clients and the research office searches and finds the right candidate(s) for filling the required position. The business development office, receiving the highest of the commission, looks after the general aspects of the business such as advertising, marketing etc.

Jobs in executive search advertising can be extremely challenging and high paying. For an executive search advertising employment, it is important to understand every basic of the business before proceeding with it!