How to Promote a Business Using Social Media – The Basics

One of the best ways to promote your business and get target audience is to use social media. Social media are methods for interacting with people or groups via the Internet. The principals are basically the same whether you use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Digg, YouTube, Reddit etc.

Here are 5 basic steps in how to promote your business using social media:

Step 1 – Find hot topic to promote Hot topic is things that are on everyone’s mind and that everyone is talking about today but is fizzled out after a period of time. Take time to browse around on the internet and see what kind of topics most people are are talking about. Alexa, eBay, eHow, Yahoo Answers, EzineArticles, Google Trends are places on the Internet you can use.

Step 2 Find keywords Attach at least 5 good keywords to the topic you have chosen. This will automatically help maximize conversations. If you find keywords that are searched fairly heavily, but the competition for that keyword is not used as much, you will be ranked high more easily in the search engine. Popular keyword tool you can use are Google Keyword Tool, which is free to use, and Keyword Spy.

Step 3 – Affiliate product After you have chosen the topic of interest, then see what types of affiliate products are available for the topic. There are many affiliate network on the Internet you can use. Among the most popular are ClickBank, LinkShare and Commission Junction.

Step 4 – Social network site Choose one of the social networking sites, as mentioned under step 1, you want to promote your business from. Create a persona for your expertise. This is either based on the real you or one you devise for online sales. Make sure to include a photo, background story etc as well.

Step 5 – Promote your business Tell people about your business experience, journey and aspirations. People who are interested in what they see on your profile and who like how you interact, will visit your site and also recommend you to others. This is helpful to build more traffic and more business and even a stronger persona that will highlight you as the internet marketing expert.