Kids Love Cotton Candy & the Profit Margins Are Brilliant – Look For a Cotton Candy Machine For Sale

For most adults this would be a blast from the past. Whenever I think of fairs I think of cotton candy, or candy floss if you are British, Fairy Floss if you are Australian.

You might be contemplating buying one and are currently looking for a cotton candy machine for sale. There are plenty available, certainly online and I would imagine if you were to contact franchise suppliers of these machines that they would even have some used ones for sale, plus of course, new ones.

There is quite a diverse selection of these machines, both for commercial or domestic use. Quite a lot of the commercial ones I have seen advertised are of 950W power, obviously the domestic ones will be lower.

It’s quite fascinating watching the strands appear seemingly from nowhere and seeing it collected onto a stick or into a cone. I think children enjoy that as much [nearly] as eating it.

The sugar content has to be considered although I don’t think it is enormously high. According to Wikipedia an average serving is about an ounce, and an ounce of sugar equates to between 105 and 115 calories. So you decide whether it is too much.

Perhaps you have a fancy for setting yourself up to sell cotton candy at your local fairs, this is a good idea and I am certain would you recoup any costs incurred with the purchase very soon.

It appears that cotton candy businesses have profit margins of 85{da74ea48cec7d1c659e4125ffe517180d7bd6cbbe5631d32f11d21c45900f39b} and even higher. Your start up costs are very low. Most communities have many locations where you could set up your business, sporting events, public markets, flea markets, fairs, parks, beach locations, any community event or parade.

It is quite possible to generate $2 or $3 sales from 5 cents worth of sugar, and if you were to only rent the equipment at around $125 per night this would include supplies to make around 100 cones. This represents serious profits wouldn’t you think?

Some people are getting a domestic version for use in their games room or if they are lucky enough to have one, their home cinema room.

I know that the machines are considered safe for children to use on their own the only restriction needed would be how many times they used it and just how much cotton candy they were consuming.

They would certainly be the most popular kids on the block if their home boasted a cotton candy machine.