Let Article Marketing Put You in Front of Your Target Market

How are top affiliate marketers reaching their audience? The most successful employ a variety of methods, with article marketing at the top of the list. What exactly is article marketing? It’s using an article distribution service to distribute your articles.

A good article distribution service sends your content Web wide. This is to site owners, editors, publishers and newsletters. A good service who works with thousands of reputable publishers is what you want. They get your articles to those specialty publications that your target market reads.

The key element in article marketing is that niche audience who has an affinity to your products. They are already performing internet research on topics related to these products. They are subscribing to newsletters that deal with these topics. In addition, they’re visiting forums, and buying books, and reading reviews devoted to these products.

They will no doubt have a great interest in your articles. When you submit articles that give timely, practical information, you build trust with your target audience. They come to see you as an authority voice. When they see you as a credible information provider, they will trust the products you promote.

Think of the businesses you deal with when buying products. You no doubt choose merchants who know their products inside out. They offer in-depth information concerning those products. In their literature, and verbally, they espouse current information on topics related to their products. This helps you make an informed buying decision.

Article marketing serves the same purpose. Article writing and article submission, within an overall article campaign presents this authoritative information to your niche. They can then link from your articles to your website.

Once at your site, you can further engage them and build the trust factor. You broke the ice so-to-speak with your articles. Now, you can proceed to the next stage of the selling process. You can do so confidently, knowing they have voluntarily chosen you based on your article content.

Your potential customer can do so confidently. They realize you are presenting information objectively. You are not over-hyping your product, pressuring them to buy. Marketers use article marketing because of the credibility factor, so vital to building customer relationships.

Article marketing is a means to get your name to those niche members who never heard of you before. They read newsletters devoted to topics that interest them. There will sit your articles, waiting to inform and transport them your way, via your links.

With an interest in securing more information from you, they click those links in your articles. When they arrive at your site, you encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. Maybe you interest them in trying a product sample. If they’re ready, they will initiate the buying process.

Visitors linking to you from a specialty publication are more likely to convert into buyers. First, they come from reputable and popular publications where your articles reside. Second, they know a little about you from your articles, so trust is building. Third, they have an obvious interest in your products. They took the time to read your article related to your affiliate products.

Becoming published in the best publications builds your stature as an online marketer. Your quality articles, available on quality websites, give you an “expert” aura. People trust credible experts. Your product recommendations have more influence when people perceive you as credible.

Article marketing accomplishes three other important things. You increase inbound links, increase your page rank and obtain better search listings. These are all crucial to gaining higher volumes of targeted pre-sold traffic.

You increase inbound links every time your articles appear on popular sites. They carry links to your websites. Upon reprinting of your article, you get another inbound link. This is directly to your site from a relevant source.

When you receive links from popular sites, search engines see you as highly relevant. Your page rank increases with numerous relevant links. This is especially true if these links come from sites closely aligned with yours. Submit top-notch articles that popular sites crave and watch targeted traffic flow.

The higher your site’s page rank, the higher your site appears on search engine results pages. You want your page showing up in the top ten of keyword search results. When it does, you will find a substantial increase in traffic to your site. You also appear as more relevant and credible when you are on the first page of search results.

The essence of marketing is reaching people pre-sold on your products. Many online businesspeople cast a wide net. They hope to reach everyone looking for products online. Perceptive marketers also cast a wide net, within their unique niche. They utilize article marketing to reach those who are already looking for their unique products.