Samsung LN46B650 46-Inch LCD TV – A Quick Review

Samsung, the king of LCD manufacturers is currently dominating the market with its Red Touch of color series LCD TVs. Many experts have touted this LCD series as the best range of HDTVs in the market today. Most consumers today do not purchase anything below 46-inches when it comes to slim TVs. Here is a quick review of the Samsung LN46B650 46-Inch LCD TV.

Like the name suggests, the Samsung LN46B650 46-Inch LCD TV has a hint of dark red on the panel frame. The design of this 46-inch LCD is a little different from other Samsung models. There is a slight curve at the bottom edge of the frame and the TV rests on a thin rectangular swivel base. Overall, the design of this model is pretty cool, with a little edginess to it.

I watched several movies on this Samsung LN46B650 46-Inch LCD TV ( on my Samsung P1600 Blu-ray player) and the images produced was very impressive. Due to its high contrast ratio, and probably a new improved screen, the blacks and whites are much darker and lighter compared to older models, producing very crisp images. Like many 650 models, the screen has a high-gloss surface that reflects lights in bright lighting conditions. If you plan to place it in a bright room, I would recommend getting the 630 models that has a matte screen.

The sound system from this model is not fantastic, but acceptable. Then again, no one really expects a good sound system from a television set. One of my favorite features on the Samsung LN46B650 46-Inch LCD TV will have to be the fact that it is internet ready. Just plug in the cable into the Ethernet port and you can browse content from sites like Yahoo, YouTube and Flickr. You would also be able to receive live weather information and news feeds on the TV.