SWOT Business Analysis Studied By MBA’ers Somewhat Flawed Thinking in Real World

As an entrepreneur I’ve always respected those who have MBAs. And although I do not have an MBA, as I never had time to go to school to learn all that stuff because I was engaged in my own business from the time I was 12 years old, I have read all the books, studied all the strategies, and understand where they’re coming from. Over the years I’ve learned I can easily out-compete those who have MBAs, because there are things I understand that they don’t.

Most entrepreneurs understand that strength of character and will make all the difference. They understand how to blitz the marketplace and go for it. If someone is too analytical, they tend to make mistakes, they fail to understand the innate characteristics of the species – and what it really takes to get things done. Not long ago, I was talking to a Harvard Business School MBA graduate who was promoting a new alternative energy with a small startup company.

He falsely assumed that he had it all under control, knew exactly what to do, but it was obvious he didn’t. And he could talk about SWOT business analysis all day long, he could make business plans, and write down strategies on a piece of paper, but the execution is paramount and that takes a leader who is unafraid, someone with experience, and someone that knows how to win. Often this SWOT business analysis theory miss assumes key factors when it comes to strength and weaknesses.

An individual or entrepreneur who has the will to win, generally will win, while those that don’t can only hope that their underlings and warriors will charge into battle and be victorious. Hope however is not a strategy, and the “will to win” is far more important than any MBA, or SWOT analysis could ever conceive. Having a mind which is analytical is appropriate in given situations, but having a mind that is focused, determined, and can will itself to win is really the key to success. Indeed as an entrepreneur I hope you’ll please consider this.