There are always two sides to everything and being a car salesman is no different. Whether you are currently in the sales side of the car business or if you are considering a car sales career you will benefit from this article. There are many people that see the car sales person in a less than favorable light because of the media and the antics that the car business of yesterday. These stories have become somewhat of an urban myth about the life of an auto sales associate. I hope to give you a closer look at being an auto salesman from the inside that will put these rumors and myths to rest.

I started being as a vehicle salesman several years ago and have watched the business of selling cars change quite dramatically from what it was only ten years ago. The day of the sales person that controls the customer is a thing of the past and I don’t see it going back anytime soon. The car buyer of today was wealth of information available to them on the internet and very often the car buyer knows more about a particular vehicle than the sales person. This information puts the automobile buyer in the driver seat and now they control the salesman instead of the other way around.

Being a Car Salesman Requires Professionalism

The successful car salesman of today is a professional and uses more of a consultative car sales approach to selling cars, not because they want to, but because they have to. Most customers have dozens of car dealers within driving distance from their home and can select any of these as a place to do business. Once a car dealership gets a reputation for being deceptive or unscrupulous it can be very difficult to turn that around. So in order to remain a member of the local business community the dealership must provide excellent customer service which requires anyone that is serious about being an automobile salesman to be a professional.

The Ins and Outs of Being a Car Salesman

A day in the life of an automobile salesperson consists of talking to customers, educating customers on the features and benefits of specific vehicles, going for test drives with potential car buyers, negotiating prices and terms and hopefully preparing vehicles for delivery. However there are times that the sales person does not have any customers and they either wait around for clients to come onto the lot or they take care of other duties that are part of being a car salesman. These may include checking cars when they are received, doing paperwork for future deliveries, prospecting for future business and following up with past customers to make sure all is well with their new car because customer satisfaction is very important for today’s professional vehicle sales person.

One aspect of being a car salesman that most people don’t understand or don’t like is the way in which they are compensated. They are paid on a commission basis, so if they don’t sell any cars they don’t get paid. However, if you are good sales associate that is really not a concern because a good car salesman will always sell cars. Overall the hardest part of being an automobile sales person is the when you first start in the car business. There is so much to learn and the car business is not like any other business. The first couple of months can be trying, but once you get past that learning curve the life of an auto sales associate can be quite good. So if you are thinking of being a car salesman make sure you stick it out no matter what happens the first couple of months because after that it gets better and better.