Are Weak Goals Stopping You From Getting the Ripped Body You Want?

When you go to the gym, do you build muscle for particular areas of the body, or do you look for overall growth without caring about your overall look? Are you only concerned with size, and making yourself bigger, or would you like to build yourself the best body you can do?

A lot of how you look, and how appealing that is to others, is down to your proportions. For example, if you are tall, but compared to your height has a slim waist that may look appealing. If on top of that, your shoulders are quite a bit bigger than your waist that is definitely going to look good. The think with being attractively proportioned is that clothes will fit you well, and strangely, you are likely to be more successful because of it.

Have you ever stopped to consider who you are modelling your training goals upon? Is it a body building, or a seriously ripped fitness model, with a body that appears way beyond your grasp? Do you have any idea what these people had to do to achieve the body that they have? You can almost guarantee that the exercises that they’re showing you are not all they had to do. Do you know if they had to take any drugs to get where they are? Would this affect how you view them as a role model? It is very important that you realise what goals are achievable, and healthy, and goals are not, or are not good for you.

With this ideal in mind, it seems that it would be an excellent idea that the goals of your training are focused on achieving a perfect physique; one that is well proportioned and attractive. This isn’t going to be too difficult to do, if we carefully select a few measurements of the body, and use their ratios to calculate a number that can be used to track our progress.

With this in mind, you will find it much easier to both achieve your goals, and set new ones once you achieve them. Since you are aiming to align your proportions to an ideal ratio, it is easier to under what exercises you must do to get the correct ratio, or to increase the strength and density of the muscle but maintain the same ratio. It is also very quick and easy to detect when thing are not going to plan, and adjust.

Your dietary requirements are also going to be driven from what fat needs to be lost to achieve the desired ratio, which means that you are able to fine tune when you eat, and what you eat to your situation at any time, and for your particular body type.

As you can clearly see, it is easier to get results with a tangible goal to set your sights on, it will be easier and quicker to achieve those goals, and quickly fine tune the system to achieve the goals you always wanted to.