The Virtual Real Estate Salesman – How to Become a Turnkey Website Reseller

Turnkey websites are hot sellers on the Internet. They’re so popular, in fact, that they’ve given rise to a whole new business genre: the turnkey website reseller. This form of virtual real estate selling can be a lucrative online business to run.

Turnkey sites are, essentially, pre-built websites. They are the virtual equivalent of the “modular home”. These sites are ready-made to be uploaded to the Internet within minutes. The purchaser need only input his own information and text into the designated areas within the site’s pages. These sites are so-named because the purchaser can simply “turn the key”, so to speak, to get the site up and running.

Turnkey websites are popular because most Internet entrepreneurs are not expert Web designers. Internet developers who create new sites don’t necessarily have the budget to hire a designer to create a custom website from scratch. Turnkey sites eliminate the need for an expensive designer and cut down considerably on the entrepreneur’s costs.

Ironically, the demand for turnkey sites has spawned a new kind of online retailer and entrepreneur: the turnkey website reseller. These entrepreneurs open up their own virtual stores and sell site templates, plus hosting and many other features associated with this type of business.

The turnkey website reseller doesn’t need his own server in order to make money this way. Instead, he purchases server space at wholesale prices from a hosting company. He then resells that space at retail prices.

This kind of business is similar to the idea of buying a franchise business. The purchaser does not have to start a business from scratch. Instead, he purchases not only the business, but all of the equipment needed to run the business, including the product to sell.

The purchaser owns the business outright and is completely independent from the parent company. However, he has access to all of the products, equipment and support needed to run his business.

Turnkey website reselling works similarly. Resellers pay for a specified amount of server space. They also receive a certain number of turnkey website templates, which they can also resell to the public for a profit.

Depending on the parent company, the reseller may also be able to offer other features and services to its customers. Some of these include:

* Domain names
* Commissions on parked domains
* Bonuses, like Google AdWords gift certificates/credits
* Supplemental software and/or templates
* Ongoing access to new templates

Most turnkey website resellers also have access to ongoing support from the parent company.

A purchaser can set up his own website with his own domain name for his business. He is then free to market his turnkey websites in his own way. His customers need not even know that they are purchasing hosting from a secondary source.

The cost for running a turnkey website reseller business varies and depends on the kinds of features desired. Packages are available from as little as one hundred dollars per year to 50 dollars or more per month. The more features an owner wants to offer or have access to, the more he will pay.